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Craig Zingerline
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I believe your next email campaign has potential to produce even better results. 

I'm Craig Zingerline - 6-time founder and award winning marketer. I've run hundreds of email campaigns for brands and startups including Red Tricycle, The Hair Shop, Upside Travel, Growth University, & many more - and regularly see 40-50% open rates and 5-10% click through rates, with strong down-stream revenue impacts.

With my deep experience in media, B2B, B2C and marketplace businesses I can help you improve upon your existing email strategy. Let's work together!

How it works:

1. Purchase a review from me (either a single email review or sequence review)

2. Send me a draft of your email

3. I'll send you game-changer feedback. Yes, it'll be that good.

If you don't see a lift in any of your metrics compared to your last send, I'll send you a full money back guarantee. 

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  • Amazing email campaigns start here

  • Ideas
    At least 3
  • Increase
    Opens, CTR, revenue
  • Money back guarantee?
    Yes, no questions asked
  • Amazing email campaigns start here
  • IdeasAt least 3
  • IncreaseOpens, CTR, revenue
  • Money back guarantee?Yes, no questions asked
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Amazing email campaigns start here

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